Beach Walks

As the weather is heating up, all eyes now look to the local beaches and walking tracks for some entertainment and exercise.
We have been surveying people coming into our clinic, asking which beach or track do you enjoy walking during the summer months. The 5 most popular places are as follows;

​1. Killarney Beach, Killarney
Seems to be very popular for causal walkers particularly early in the morning and great access for people from Warrnambool and Port Fairy.

2. East Beach, Port Fairy 
Similar to Killarney people said it was a nice flat beach to walk on, always beautiful to look out upon east beach. Beware high tide. 

3. Bay of Isles, Peterborough 
A little further out of the way, along the great ocean road, amazing scenery. Couple of steps down to the beach and a few rock formation obstacles, the sea is often rough and great to watch.

4. Thunder Point Middle Island Walk, South Warrnambool
More for people who prefer walking tracks, eco walk on tracks designed to show off Warrnambool's treacherous coast line. With plenty of sights to see with great view areas to look out over the strait and back towards town.  

5. Lady Bay, South Warrnambool
One of the longest stretches of beach to walk on, designated swimming areas and restaurants surrounding.

About beach walking
  • A great way to functionally train an individual's balance (proprioception).
  • Walking on sands is a great way to work the calf muscle (Gastrocnemius and soleus).
  • Having the choice of hard sand (easier) and soft sand (hard) to walk in.
  • Make sure if there is a slope that you walk up and back so you work both legs equally.
Can walking really lead to injury?
Sever's Disease


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Saturday, 25 June 2022

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