Cricket Injuries

Cricket Injuries

Do you play cricket??

Injuries in cricket are many and varied and of course there are different physical demands in the different styles of cricket played. For example cricketers playing a 5 day test compared to a weekend match or a twenty twenty. All displaying different levels of stamina, strength and speed.

Research shows in our elite cricketers playing twenty twenty standard of cricket in a squad of 25 players 18 will present on average with an injury over the course of a season. So fairly grueling and obviously demanding on the cricketers body.

As podiatrists we commonly see foot injuries in our cricketers. Stress fractures are common in the navicular, sesamoids and metatarsal shafts. Our fast bowlers for example are at risk due to the force transcending through the foot on impact. Treatment for such an injury is directed at healing the fracture restoring normal weight bearing, muscle control and strength then to be able to return to full function with out pain keeping in mind preventing a reoccurence.

If you have a lingering pain in your foot which is exacerbated by activity and settles with rest it is well worth having it assessed by a podiatrist. 

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Monday, 23 May 2022

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