Patella Femoral Pain

Patella Femoral Pain

Patella femoral pain is a common clinical presentation, and 50% more likely to affect females and people post surgery as the quads will weaken within 24 hours of surgery.

Generally a client will present like:

  • ​it hurts to go down the stairs
  • i think my thigh has wasted
  • my foot is sore
  • the patella is sore on the inside and outside
  • my lower back is sore>feels like my knee might give way
  • it hurts when i get up if i sit for a long time
  • it hurts to squat down

As the knee is in the middle of two lever arms it makes sense compensation can be both proximal and distal to this joint, so have both a podiatrist and physio look at this issue. If you do have a compensation both proximally and distally but only address say the proximal strength then its unlikely you will get the right outcome as you are only addressing half of the problem.

Simple assessments will direct your therapist to the main area to work on. Simple assessment will include:

  • ​a lunge test
  • squat tes
  • bridging test
  • palpation of the patella checking for pain and if it is rotated, or sitting more lateral or if it has tilted.

From this simple interventions can be put in place to start a treatment plan for you. 

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