Sever's Disease

Sever's disease is a common cause of heel pain in active, growing kids. It usually occurs in early puberty when kids are going through a growth spurt. Girls 8-13 years old (most common 8-10 years)Boys 10-15 years old (most common 10-12 years)

Symptoms- pain in the back of the heel (can be one or both feet)- limping and difficulty getting the heel to the ground when walking and running- altered running style- pain when squeezing the heel- possibly pain when performing a heel raise

DiagnosisOur team of podiatrists will listen to your history and symptoms and conduct tests to confirm the diagnosis. 

Causes- Sever's is most common in active children especially those that participate in running and jumping sports. - abnormal biomechanics- tight calf muscles - can be attributed to overload

Treatment- RICE- load management - usually activity levels need to be altered until symptoms reduce- Footwear advice- orthotics, heel lifts etc may be needed- stretching/strengthening program as directed by your podiatrist

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